CNC Router under construction.

(7) The table is made from 20mm alloy plate 455mm x 455mm square. This piece was given to me by a very nice Guy.


(8) Getting the linear rails parallel and the X and Y axis at exactly 90 degrees to each other (in both planes) is tricky but this is where the clearance holes and nut plates play their part.


(9) Flexible plate coupling between the ball screw nut and slide for the X axis. It is vitally important that there are no tight spots on any of the slides or the screws and any measures that allow for adjustment or correction for small misalignments of these components are beneficial.


(10) No bolts have been fully tightened yet. Once everything moves freely then they can be tightened. Incidentally ball screws 'back feed' ie. the table can be moved back and forth quite easily by hand, there is very little resistance from the ball screw.

Fortunately it is a characteristic of bipolar stepper motors that, with no power applied, they have a magnetic resistance to rotation and this small force is sufficient to prevent the slides being easily moved by hand once the motors have been fitted.


(11) The Z axis starting to take shape. I have milled a section of the linear bearing housings and drilled and tapped holes to mount the limit switches,


(12) The Z axis uses 16mm round section linear slides and a trapezoid lead screw with a bronze nut. Ultimately this lead screw will be replaced with a ballscrew but that is in the future.

Safety is not an option. At home, in your workshop, you and you alone are responsible for your own safety.

Think of the warning sign that says ‘This machine has no brain so use yours’.



Alloy table for CNC Router.CNC Flexible plate to couple table to ballscrew.

Some more of the constructional pictures.

Flexible plate to couple X axis to ballscrew.CNC Z Axis nearing completion.CNC Z Axis under construction.CNC frame detail.CNC frame rear view.

CNC is only limited by our imagination.


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