CNC Home - An introduction to my site and its aims.


Construction 1 - The Linear Bearings and Ball Screws being fitted to the framework. - Notes on making a welded steel frames.


Construction 2 - Y axis table and X axis slide together with Z axis starting to take shape.


Construction 3 - Electrical limit switches and Stepper Motors have been fitted. - Design considerations when using stepper motors.


Construction 4. - Electrical wiring being installed and connected.


Construction 5 - Wiring finished and tested. Tweakie is ready to Rock n Roll.


Routing & Cutting - Some of the parts made by Routing and Profiling.


Vinyl Cutting - CNC machines can be used for Vinyl cutting, here is the proof.


Lithophanes - 19th Century art is revisited using 20th Century technology.


Engraving - Some examples of different engraving techniques and methods.


Making a simple Vinyl Cutter - Constructional details for making a simple but effective Vinyl Cutter.


Software and Hardware issues - General problems, solutions and some of my experiences.


Micro stepping - The basic stuff.


Bob the Mill - A benchtop milling machine being converted to operate with Mach3.


Making printed circuits - Isolation routing, just like engraving.


Making a 4th Axis - A useful addition to any CNC machine.


Tool position setting - One way of tool position setting for a router.


Low Power Lasers - Using diode lasers for engraving and cutting.


Gallery - Gallery of miscellaneous items made with Tweakie & Bob.


Related Links - Links to sites I have found useful and of interest.


Site Map - You are here.


Sam - Our friend for more than 20 years.


Optic - My 6 Metre class RC sailing yacht under construction.


The X Files. - Some of the things that I find intriguing.


Bertie - A little Welsh Terrier who is growing up fast.


The Rover Jet Engine - A little project for a rainy day, or two.


The New Laser Project - Adding a CO2 laser cutting head to Tweakie.


The RF Laser - Another laser project, the direction of which is a bit uncertain at present.

The software polled ‘E-Stop’ function is OK for protection of the machine, cutters and the work piece.

For personal safety the only ‘100% Emergency Stop’ disconnects the incoming supply to all functions of the machine, instantly.



CNC is only limited by our imagination.


copyright 2012, all rights reserved.

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