Software :
Download.Com - Trial versions of CNC related stuff here.

Interactive Gear template Generator - Interested in making wooden clocks perhaps ?. This gear template generator is just the job.

Free Vector Art.Com - If you are cutting vinyl this is a good place to look for the designs. Check out the car bumper stickers !.

Artsoft - The home of MACH 3.

CamBam - CAD / CAM software which I find excellent for 2.5D profile toolpath creation.

Stick Font - FREE single stroke font to G-Code converter from NCPlot software.

GearDXF - FREE spur gear profile generator from Forest Moon Productions.

Eagle - PCB design and layout.

PCB_GCODE - Outline pcb traces within Eagle and convert to GCode for isolation routing.

Gearotic Motion - Just about the best gear generator I have ever seen and used.

DotG - FREE utility to convert 1 bit images to dot dithered halftone and create a GCode toolpath for impact or laser raster engraving.

IrfanView - FREE viewer and converter of file types etc. etc. etc.

F-Engrave - FREE engraving program which also supports V Carving and creates customisable GCode.

Hardware :
Hobby CNC Hungary - Many different approaches and solutions towards the same goal. A brilliant source of design information.

Marchant Dice.Com - Linear bearings, leadscrews etc. etc. Not cheap (who is) but they do discount many items via E-Bay.

RoutOut CNC - Excellent bipolar stepper motor driver boards and matching software plus friendly service. Nice people to deal with.

Warp9 - Home of the Smooth Stepper CNC motion controller.


General : - An excellent forum, with links to other build logs and where all matters relating to CO2 lasers, can be discussed.

Majosoft's Hobby site - There is so much information, software and links here, where do you start ?.

Hello Kitty - Nothing at all to do with CNC but she is just so cute, what more can you say.

Free Hit Counter - Free, no ads, website hits counter.

Vectorink - A brilliant source of free vector images which just keeps growing.

Craftsmanspace - There is just so much information, links and drawings here you just have to take a look for yourself.

OPLaser - A UK based forum aimed exclusively at owners of the Chinese imported laser machines.

Hobby,3D,Relief,CNC - This Hungarian website contains the largest source of .stl and relief images I have ever seen in any one place.

(Please note - the HobbyCncArt website contains many artistic reliefís, some of which may be classed as adult material).

Robotfactory - A lot of useful information and ideas relating to CNC.

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